SCUDD represents the interests of Drama, Theatre and Performance in the Higher Education sector in the UK. It acts as a mediating body with organisations such as funding councils, the AHRC and the Arts Councils and is consulted by such organisations when matters of future policy are discussed and decided. It is concerned, above all, to promote the multi-disciplined areas of drama, theatre and performance.

The SCUDD Executive expresses solidarity with global anti-racist and anti-fascist actions.

The SCUDD Executive has taken some time to reflect on what actions we can take. We know that what follows is an imperfect statement, which risks re-centring whiteness. However, we feel strongly that we need to start somewhere, and recognise the place where we are at, in all its contradictions. We hope that colleagues will read this statement as an invitation to which you can respond as you see fit. Our email address is:<>.
We are offering this statement and call to action (particularly to white colleagues) in our discipline. SCUDD, the collective body of Drama departments in the UK, are in no way exempt from white supremacy and racism, and have indeed been complicit in the perpetuation of such power imbalances. The dynamics of the student body, staff and wider community in and around Drama departments have been sites of the expression of white dominance, white fragility and racism. We are sorry. It is not possible for us to assert what the multitude of negative effects and impacts this has on our black colleagues’ and students’ lives, health and futures – firstly, we need to listen to their voices. The statement on anti-racist actions can be found here

To read our recently-published Guidelines for Preventing Sexual Harassment, go to the Downloads page.


The Members Area contains information relevant to academic staff and postgraduates who are in a SCUDD member department or unit, or who are interested in what we do.

Who can become a member of SCUDD? All higher education units, with a demonstrable community of interest, which are teaching and/or researching in the subject domain at least to degree level (whether in departments, boards of study, subject groups etc.) are eligible for full membership.


Prospective Students

The Prospective Students Area contains information that will be of interest to anyone who has applied, or is thinking of applying, to an undergraduate or postgraduate course in drama, theatre and performance or registering for a research degree in these areas. This part of the site is in development.


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